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steven meiers
photographer + vi·sion·ar·y

Over the past decade, Steven has been as instrumental in shaping the L.A. party scene as he has been in documenting it. From underground parties with future it-girls, indie bands, and world-famous DJs, to exclusive events with The Museum of Contemporary Art, Marc Jacobs, Nike, Jeremy Scott, Nobu, Treats! Magazine, and other global brands, Steven not only plays cultural anthropologist to the beautiful, plastic wonderland that is Hollywood, but also influencer and stylish socialite.

His bold personal style and impeccable capacity for spotting trends in art, music, and fashion are the basis for his creative work with future-facing brands, including Wildfox Couture, NYLON Magazine, Rock The Vote, and MOCAtv. Steven can currently be found watching Blue Crush on HBOGO, probably wearing a vintage N'Sync t-shirt.

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